Phone Pics

by Sayraphim on October 13, 2008

I love the fact they invented phone cameras. It makes me so happy that I can whip out my phone at any time and photograph something that captures my interest.

And today, while I’m brain dead from being half way through the bumpout of Totem, I thought I’d share a couple. Most of them relate to crafty things I’ve found, and that makes me happy too.

These are the traditional slippers that the Turkish women in my Knitting Workshop were telling me about. One of the ladies bought them in. They’re little knitted slippers that are beaded or embroidered and are worn in the house instead of shoes. The one on the left was hand crafted by the lady who bought them in, the one on the right was made by her mother in Turkey and sent over.

I was working on Pacific, the Stephen Spielberg mini series, and they needed coloured light bulbs for a party scene. The question was how to dip 100 light bulbs and then leave them to dry without the glass paint running onto the metal socket. So we rigged up cardboard with heaps of holes and screwed the bulbs in. Then I dipped 25 into each colour. If you look carefully you can see the permanent texta lines which indicate the different colours.

It was messy work, but the pattern it made on the floor was very pretty.
Until we had to clean it off again.

I was once at Como House, which is an old National Trust house in Toorak, and this was in the hallway. It’s a taxidermied bird, hung upside down. I asked the attendant why that particular direction was chosen. Apparently, once the birds are killed they’re hung from the hunters belt, and so there was a fashion in the 19th century (I think) to taxidermy them that way. To be true to the form, as it were.

At the Lithuanian Club for Fringe, we dropped by the bar for a honey vodka (and you SO have to try one next time you’re there!) and hanging above the bar was this little marionette. This photo is centered, it’s very strange.

And this is me with my Totem monster. It’s like a family photo!

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