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by Sayraphim on December 9, 2008

I’m selling some stuff on Ebay, trying to declutter the life while earning some cash. Anyway, I’ve had these three necklaces for years and I don’t want them anymore, so up they go! I always find it better to show things like that on someone, to give the buyer a better idea of how it hangs.

I don’t have anyone around at the moment, but luckily I own the most incredible looking maniquin who is happy to pose for photos.

Meet Miss Glass Ameliorate:

I love her long neck and the expression on her face which changes depending on which angle you veiw her on – haughty, sleepy, curious or lanquid. She’s also bald, although currently she has a scarf draped across her head in a Mary like moment that’s been going on for about a year now and I really should give that scarf back to my sister.

She’s been in a number of my exhibitions and photographs, infact there’s a photo of her available on Red Bubble as a card:
Nothing like theatrical lighting for a dramatic shot. Click on the photo to buy the card… Go on, you KNOW you want too.

In fact, are you still bereft of beautiful Christmas cards? Click on the photo at the right to buy some of them. Send them to friends, family and everyone you can think of!

Onto other things, I’m currently writing up a Little Blue Bird Tute. They’re so dreadfully cute!
Stay turned…

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