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by Sayraphim on March 13, 2009

yesterday, I was walking down the street and suddenly, there, scattered on and around a wrought iron chair at a tram stop was these

well, ok, it would have been better had I got a photo of them scattered around, but there they were, 3 pastel granny squares, an organse one, a red and black one and a red and black circular dollie. So beautiful!

Of course, I’ve never quite learned how to crochet, so I’m thinking I might take them to Brown Owls next week and give them to the ReStash, or to someone to use.

I’ve also been playing on ebay, inbetween knitting like a mad woman, and today two books arrived. ..

a vintage Knitting Dictionary and The Art of Teaching Craft. I’m so stoked!

many, many presents 🙂

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