Quick Draw McGraw

by Sayraphim on November 1, 2009

When you’re 20 minutes away from doing a lesson on shadows and you suddenly realise it’s the perfect time for a puppet, you race around the classroom collecting various supplies. Thin card, a ruler, some split pins and some sticky tape. Some creative cutting and about 2 minutes and voila, you have a perfect illustration of the lesson you’re about to give!

It went over really well, the kids loved it! Thinking maybe I should do a lesson on shadow puppets at the end.

Since the kids know I make puppets they’ve taken to bringing in puppets they have at home, both store bought and hand made. I’ve seen a sugar glider hand puppet, koala and emu finger puppets and the hand made sock puppet. Since they didn’t have any glue, this displays awesome use of sticky tape to hold the yarn hair on:
Out of all the puppets they bought in, this one was my favourite. Also a good use of a single sock when it’s pair goes missing in the wash…

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