recipe one: home made bread crumbs

by Sayraphim on November 25, 2008

I decided to cook Veggie Sausage Rolls, and while standing at the supermarket looking at all the chemicals in commercial breadcrumbs, it occurred to me that I had a bunch of left over crusts in the freezer that are too thick to cram into my toaster, and that I could kill two birds with one stone… metaphorically speaking.

So I trooped happily home with the other ingredients that wern’t hanging out in my freezer waiting for me to do something with and I embarked on Making My Own Breadcrumbs. You can find How Tos on the net, but they all involve food processors. For a machine-free way to do it, read on!



First, I got all the ends out of the freezer and arranged them attractively on an oven tray.

Then I put them into an oven turned to around 100 degrees (C). You don’t want it up too high, or they’ll burn, and you’ll have charcoal crumbs. Great for the art, not so great for the belly.

They need to dry out til they’re hard, so I left them for about 20 mins, but that’s only a guide. Remember to make sure that they’re dry all the way through before you take them out. You want them hard but not brown.

Pull them out of the oven and put one in the bowl. Smash it with the heavy thing. It should break up into crumbs. Don’t worry if the middle flattens out rather than disintegrating (and ends up looking a bit like a flattened bread daisy), it just means it’s not fully dry yet. Smash all the dry bits off, then pop back into the oven for a little more drying out.
Breadcrumbs in the bowl with a Flattened Bread Daisy in the middle

Flattened Bread Daisies about to go back into the oven

Continue to take the drier middle bits out of the oven (the aforementioned flat bread daisies) and smash them until they’re all crumbs. Then put in a zip-lock bag or container and put them in your freezer, all ready for next time you need home made bread crumbs!

Tommorrow, part two of this culinary advenutre: Veggie Sausage Rolls

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