Ribboned Wish Catchers for Dandenong

by Sayraphim on June 6, 2014

On Australia Day this year, the City of Greater Dandenong held a joyous day-long celebration in the Dandenong Park. As part of the festivities was a Wishing Tree (above). People could write their wishes on long colourful ribbons that were then tied to a May Pole type structure. As the day went on, the tree became more and more filled with the wishes of the people of Dandenong. It was a truly beautiful sight! As you can see, I wrote a wish and hung it from the tree too. I’m not going to tell you what it said, but the kakapo project went quite well!

The council contacted me afterwards, asking if I could create something with the hundreds of ribbon wishes they collected that day, to be part of their Cultural Threads festival coming up in August, which of course I said yes! How touching that they would like the project to live on!

ribbon_windcatcher_mockup1_webSo this is what I’ll be constructing in the next month. 3 giant Ribbon Wish Catchers for the council’s new forecourt. They’ll be up all August, if you’re nearby do drop past to check them out!

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