Saskia the Snake Charmer

by Sayraphim on August 21, 2008

I’ve photographed the next in my burlesque doll series, please meet Saskia the Snake Charmer!

Ladies and Gentlemen, roll up, roll up to see the daring and danger that is Saskia the Snake Charmer! Thrill at her her twirling and spinning, marvel at her dancing and weaving, all while being wrapped in her 53cm (20″) snake, Simon!

Saskia is dressed in a dark blue figure hugging dress with split skirt and light blue trim. She is wearing elbow length evening gloves and brown cowboy boots, has an elaborate hair style and huge false eyelashes. She comes with her posable snake, Simon. Simon is dark green on top with a mottled green and yellow belly and a bright red forked tongue.

I’m really pleased with both how she turned out and how she photographed. I was photographing her at night under a tungsten light and at 1/2 shutter speeds without a tripod. So I was resting the camera on a bean bag, which meant I couldn’t see through the view finder to compose the photo. But for all that, I got some lovely shots. This one I am especially pleased with. Shows some of the action while leaving a little unexplained.

One of my favourite things about Saskia is that she has real boobs. Unlike Kitty who is totally flat chested and therefore more toy like, Saskia has breasts that curve out and then in again. It makes her more of an adult doll, rather than a childs plaything. I’m looking to knit more breasted dolls in the future. Dolls that are not toys but little art creations fascinate me.

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