Small Time Criminals

Small Time Criminals was a game in which a team of up to six players cooperated to steal valuables from a corrupt investment bank. It was a real world simulation: a game that uses props, set dressing, actors and lighting to create an immersive, realistic experience. Players had to figure out where valuables are hidden or locked up, how to find or access them, and which ones might be worth the most. There was no “correct” way to approach Small Time Criminals – which valuables they tried to steal, and in what order, were up to them. This also gave them the possibility of returning and trying different strategies to improve their score! The game was played in a two-storey building that used to be a real bank.

Players were met and briefed by an intermediary (played by one of our actors), who explained the conditions of the deal and get them started on the bank heist. Then they would head inside the bank, and after following a few initial instructions, they had free reign to look for and steal the most valuable items inside.




Small Time Criminals gained lots of media attention, you can see some of that here on the 0riginal site:

There was also a web series produced during the year Small Time Criminals was open, here is the first episode:

and you can find the second episode here.

Small Time Criminals was made possible through the assistance of Darebin City Council, the Active Spaces In Darebin program, and the 129 supporters of the Pozible campaign.

Small Time Criminals:

Experience Directors
Robert Reid (Fiction)
Sayraphim Lothian (Fabric)

Game Design
Kevin Turner
Ben McKenzie

Robert Reid
Bridget Mackey
Nic Velissaris
Emilie Collyer

Set and Prop Design
Anastassia Poppenberg

Design Assistant
Nicholas Sanders

Props Makers
Melissa Ho

Graphics Realisation
Ry Van Veluwen

Build Assistant
James Russell

Lighting Design
Bronwyn Pringle

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