Some days you just want to have someone send you something in the mail

by Sayraphim on December 16, 2008

Today I found Tinniegirl, a woman from Melbourne who sells ace old tins packed full of crafting treasures through her store on etsy. I love this idea! Imagine getting a package with a beautiful old tin, and inside some fat quarters, some buttons and other lovely things. That’d so make any crafty person’s day! I have to confess, having a look around her shop was too much temptation and I bought one. I can’t wait til it arrives!

This come straight from Tinniegirl’s blog, it’s the contents of one her of tins. How heartwarming is that? Sharing craft, straight from the heart…

In other news, and speaking of spending, I went on a gallery crawl with a dear old friend of mine and accedently bought an artwork. I love buying artworks, although the last time I did it was a couple of years ago, I love being able to support local artists and having someone unique on my walls. They’re 2 white feathers lino-print with blue designs so they look like an old faded blue-and-white china bowl. They’re beautiful, but I’ve forgotten the artist’s name just for the moment. I’ll post more about it when I go to pick it up next week.

But last for today, my assistant for Totem was a friend of mine who is a lovely woman and remarkably talented. I wanted to thank her for all her hard work and a bottle of wine just didnt seem right. So instead I knitted a portrait doll of her. She’s just recieved it in the mail so that’s why I can share it now… I loved it, it really captured her essence. Stay tuned for more portrait dolls over the coming weeks!

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Tinniegirl December 16, 2008 at 11:54 pm

Hi Sayraphim

Thanks so much for spreading the Tinniegirl love. I’m really glad to see people loving the idea. I hope you love your Tinnie when it arrives.

Sayraphim December 17, 2008 at 12:17 am

hey Tinniegirl, my pleasure! I do think it’s a great idea, secret craft surprises in the post and an awesome tin, what’s not to love? I’ll let you know when it arrives and share the goodness with the world 🙂

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