soul comforting beauty in North Melbourne

by Sayraphim on March 8, 2010

A friend of mine has just opened the most beautiful shop in the world with one of the most inspiring names I’ve ever heard.

Orlando and Ivy. It makes you think of Picnic at Hanging Rock kind of times, all white dresses and hints of green. It’s such an evocative title! And the store itself is  so beautiful. You walk in the door, away from the noise and busy-ness of Victoria St into a quiet oasis of calm filled with gentle old world charm. 

I’m so taken with her shop, I want to live there! And I’m also dreadfully honoured that one of the photos she’s put on her blog ( to celebrate the opening has my products in it! The granny bunting draped across those beautiful handmade boxes are mine. Shucks 🙂

So come, support brand new local businesses and introduce into your space some incredibly beautiful things. I’ll copy the text from the website because it’s more eloquent than I can be at this time in the morning…

ORLANDO AND IVY is a creative emporium located at 424 Victoria Street, North Melbourne.
Purveyors of locally sourced art objects, wearable art, journaling supplies, creative tools, books, and other high-quality publications.

More incredibly beautiful images can be found at the website:

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