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TV hosts suddenly realise how much work YouTubers do

March 29, 2020

So within the last week, much of the US and UK (and Australia, but that doesn’t really factor into this blog post) has shut down. Amongst many other things, this means that very quickly, TV hosts were having to do their shows without audience and then, almost immediately after that, forced to do their shows …

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YouTube as an educational platform in a global pandemic

March 29, 2020

So within the last week, because of the Corvid 19 shut down, there have been many changes to daily life as we know it. There has been lots of talk and figuring out about how to teach classes online as schools and universities are shut down and while I am absolutely not making light of …

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PhD win but social media FAIL

February 24, 2020

Today’s momentous event was posting my edutube phd acceptance letter – WHOOOOOO!!!! I filmed it for posterity (and social media) using instagram, which the second after I finished filming decreed the video wasn’t long enough & thus it didn’t save. There’s no second takes posting a letter, so instead of a video, here’s me contemplating …

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Questions from the audience about youtube and education

February 10, 2020

I presented on my edutube (educational youtube) phd to a working group of Digital Innovators today at @latrobe. Got some really interesting questions at the end. So here is a thread of interesting questions about youtube and the classroom 1) what is the copyright issues about showing various videos in class? Good qn! I am …

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YouTube University is becoming official

February 3, 2020

So one of the most interesting things about embarking on a phd on educational youtube is that *everyone* I tell about it shares a story of what they have learned on youtube. This morning’s example was my barista, who watches youtube to learn other types/the latest coffees/milks. And youtube itself is starting to embrace the …

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YouTube University UPDATED

December 18, 2019

***Mesg from the future! I saw another example of YouTube U on The Great British Bake Off, scroll down to see it!*** So this is fast becoming a thing I’m noticing everywhere and it’s something I’m really curious about. People referring to ‘YouTube University’ where they get their education. This post was sparked by a …

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I submitted my phd application!

October 1, 2019

So I know the future isn’t all flying cars and transporters, but I submitted my phd application online while at an airport cafe using my mobile phone as an internet hot spot while waiting for a plane to take me to my first academic conference and that’s pretty damn cool. Also, I submitted my phd …

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Asking the Big Questions about educational videos inside and outside the classroom

July 3, 2019

So I’m still turning the Big Question around in my brain. Each phd has a Big Question and a methodology to research that Big Question. I think I’ve got the methodology down, but I’m still rubic-cubing the various possible question/s in my head. I have a lot of questions. So my supervisor suggested that I …

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Educational youtube videos – the beginning of the thoughts

May 11, 2019

So I’ve been wondering how to start up this blog again, and how to transition it from it’s old, craft focus to my current focus, which is educational youtube videos, otherwise know as edutube Well, that was easy. So I’ve been making edutube vids for a while now, a few years in fact, and I’ll …

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