TV hosts suddenly realise how much work YouTubers do UPDATED

March 29, 2020

So within the last week, much of the US and UK (and Australia, but that doesn’t really factor into this blog post) has shut down. Amongst many other things, this means that very quickly, TV hosts were having to do their shows without audience and then, almost immediately after that, forced to do their shows […]

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Questions from the audience about youtube and education

February 10, 2020

I presented on my edutube (educational youtube) phd to a working group of Digital Innovators today at @latrobe. Got some really interesting questions at the end. So here is a thread of interesting questions about youtube and the classroom 1) what is the copyright issues about showing various videos in class? Good qn! I am […]

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How is thumbs an effective feedback method?

February 5, 2020

This is a first for me! I have a video that’s attracted some thumbs down… This video (which you can see here was put on a History playlist that the excellent Mr Beat complied at the end of last year. You can see the full playlist here. I was really honoured to be invited to […]

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Why don’t (most) unis recognise their staff’s youtube channels?

January 31, 2020

I was talking to Zoe Glatt, an academic doing her phd on youtubers at LSE, a while ago, and she pointed out that most academics studying youtube don’t actually have a youtube channel. This was a surprise to me, cause I think it’s really valuable to have hands-on experience with the thing I’m studying. And […]

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The Masterchef/Drag Race/YouTube effect – the homogenization of subjects, styles and information

December 20, 2019

So the kinds of reality tv I like are the ones where people make things – Project Runway, Masterchef, Sewing Bee and the sequined gloriousness that is RuPaul’s Drag Race. But I also think that they shape the ideas and creativeness of those who watch them. Let’s chat about the Masterchef/RuPaul effect. So Masterchef, if […]

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YouTube University UPDATED

December 18, 2019

***Mesg from the future! I saw another example of YouTube U on The Great British Bake Off, scroll down to see it!*** So this is fast becoming a thing I’m noticing everywhere and it’s something I’m really curious about. People referring to ‘YouTube University’ where they get their education. This post was sparked by a […]

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Things people have learned from youtube (a viral tweet)

October 3, 2019

So about a month ago I tweeted this Pls pls pls RT if you’ve ever watched a @Youtube video specifically to learn something. I’m trying to prove to my supervisor that YouTube is super useful for learning things. Feel free to comment below and tell me what you learned too, I’d love to know! — […]

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My first lecture, now up on Youtube!

September 23, 2019

So I am a tutor at a university, I’m teaching pre-service (under grad) teaching students. The subject delivers online lectures and readings but face to face tutorials (which is where I come in). Each tutor was asked to record a lecture, and mine was for this week’s classes on “Comparing Histories: Multiple perspectives and how […]

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Stats is fun. Educational youtube stats are even funner!

July 30, 2019

This is just going to be a blog post about stats about edutube. I’ll sort them into years, as how old the article is, is important when you’re taking these stats into consideration. 2015 With over 1 billion unique visitors a month, [youtube] is notorious as a prime site for procrastination and a haven for […]

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How Australians spend their time on the net

July 30, 2019

Ok, I’ve spent two days trying to upload this image to this blog post, but TA DA it’s finally up! So this comes from an article on The Conversation titled “We can put a leash on Google and Facebook, but there’s no saving the traditional news model” It’s about the advertising that is on various […]

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