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by Sayraphim on November 17, 2008

Oh, it has been a very busy week, mostly craftwise! I have built, sewn, glued and created more props for the play and we’re now on the home stretch.

Once the show is down, I’ll put some photos up here of these nicely crafty props, but y’all have to wait til then, otherwise it’ll spoil the suprise (Confusion Fish notwithstanding 😉 Before that time, if you’re in Melbourne some time in the next month, you should go see it!

I should give it a plug actually:

“In my dreams I shit eagles”
By Glyn Roberts
Directed by Robert Reid
from 29th Nov to the Dec

at La Mama,

205 Faraday Street, Carlton

The guests arrive.
the future is here.
They are fashion conscious, bi-lingual and well into their 100’s.
This new black comedy from Glyn Roberts (The Jaundice Table. La Mama, Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2006) is a densely packed meditation on mortality and love set in the middle of a debauched society party.
If you prefer your holidays more festy than festive, come spend a night with Roberts, lit by the dying embers of humanity

Wed & Sun 6:30pm, Thurs – Sat 8:00pm

Workshopped and Read in May at La Mama under the title ‘Vampires Vs. Ninjas’

Phone: 0393476142

Until then, The Toy Society is looking for you! If you don’t know about this wonderful group, it’s a silent group of crafters who make beautiful handmade toys to leave around for other people to find. How beautiful is that? And they’re looking for people for a Great Big Christmas Drop (TM). Read further for more info!

What: A co ordinated simultaneous world-wide toy drop the weekend before Christmas. On that weekend a map with drop locations will be uploaded to the blog so you can see where all the Toy Society elves are active. Each toy drop will also then be uploaded to the blog as well as any finder emails.

When: The last weekend before Christmas.

Who: Anyone willing to make a handmade toy and drop it on the street the weekend before Christmas.

Why: Because it’s Christmas, of course.

How: To be part of ‘A Toy Society Christmas’ email with the subject ‘Christmas’. Don’t forget to include a link to your blog if you have one. The code for the button above will be made available to everyone participating. If you’re part of this you’ll need to think of your drop location and submit that via email by December 1.

(I stole that word for word from the Toy Society blog. But she’s a lovely girl and I’m pretty sure she wont mind. So if you’re interested in making a stranger’s day, register now! I can’t wait, I’m already thinking about what I want to make and drop…)

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The Toy Society November 17, 2008 at 8:15 am

Hee hee you’re right, I don’t mind!!

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