Things people have learned from youtube (a viral tweet)

by Sayraphim on October 3, 2019

So about a month ago I tweeted this

For a month now, replies, RTs and likes have swamped my mentions. I regularly miss when people tag me in other things because of the swamping. I dunno what the numbers need to be to name it officially a viral tweet, but I reckon this has probably made it. At this time, it has  18,300 likes, 17,532 retweets and 6,629 replies.

A large number of those RTs are RTs with comments, so people are sharing what they have learned on YouTube while sharing the tweet too. What blows my mind about this is that it’s all happened without a single hashtag in the tweet. People are finding and RTing this organically.

Youtube themselves even RT’ed it (to be fair, I tagged them in it, so that’s how they knew about it)

And I’m currently trying to capture all the responses.

However a couple of them that I’ve noticed (to be very honest, I haven’t read them all, or even a large percentage of them) have been really good and I thought I’d capture em here.

Even fictional characters learn stuff from youtube!

I love that older folks are ALSO using youtube to learn things. It’s not just the youth(tm).

And that professionals use it for PD (professional development)

and that teachers set their students to learn things on youtube

and that youtube educators themselves got in on the act

and that people took the opportunity to ask for suggestions from others about things they were interested in

and that people use it to learn and continue culture and traditions

and that people learn a wide range of things

And i think that sums it up. What CANT you learn on youtube?

Street art by an unknown artist found down a Melbourne alley about 6 weeks ago.

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