Things to eat, things to see, things to marvel at

by Sayraphim on August 18, 2009

A Book About Death is an exhibition about to be held in New York of artist postcards, of which I’m a part.

They’ve just put up a wall of images for those who wish to view it a different way than their blog. Check it out! Otherwise, my image can be found on their blog here.

In other news last night I had for dinner some home made little pies, filled with leftover curry,
with some of Sadie’s chutney.
I also had some mushrooms fried with garlic
with some of Sadie’s chutney.
And some fresh peas
with some of Sadie’s chutney.

And lo, I felt that it is good chutney.

And this was out a window of an empty house and I thought there was something wordlessly beautiful about it. A pot that can grow sticks and autumn leaves is a pretty wonderful pot.

Grow, little pot, grow…

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