This is an imagination I admire

by Sayraphim on July 26, 2009

This is wonderful, one of the best softies I’ve seen in a long time. Welcome to chouette treehouse network, a collaboration between Cat Rabbit and Ghostpatrol.

I’ve always loved Ghostpatrol’s work, he seems to envisage a world that no one else had seen before, populated with children with horns and huge beasts, drawn delicately on pasties around the town. I’ve only recently discovered Cat Rabbit and I love her softies. There are a variety of softies out there, but somehow she captures a mix of weirdness and innocence, they seem to inhabit their own inner world, looking peaceful and open in their oddness, rather than the uncomfortable softies out there. You know the ones I mean, they end up looking furtive or unhappy that they’ve been called into exsistance by artists who don’t care that their softies are awkward in their ill fitting skins.

Cat Rabbit, on the other hand, captures amazing experessions with a skill that others should envy.

Below is one of my current obsessions, an owl, veiwed through Cat Rabbit’s eyes

I’m so glad I found her work! All images found on Cat Rabbit’s website, here

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