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by Sayraphim on September 16, 2008

I’ve been sitting in the studio and at home surrounded by all these incredible dolls and it’s slowly dawned on me that not only is Totem about self identity, like a vox pop of how a section of society see themselves, but it’s also a flagship for promoting modern craft practice. Each one of these dolls has been created differently, and there’s such a wide range of construction techniques that this really is a showcase of how varied craft can be. Craft isn’t just macramé plant holders and crocheted knee rugs anymore, it’s a hugely diverse and incredibly inspirational worldwide movement. And I think Totem captures that really well.

A bunch more Totem dolls have popped up online! It’s like discovering mushrooms during a walk in the forest. Or something.

So please welcome girl ferment‘s little guy (left). You have to click on her blog to see it’s face, it’s not to be missed!

I love the cable tie spikes too. Industrial craft is taken to a whole new level with this doll.

Also, please say hello to Alice Jean‘s creation, which is an incredibly detailed screen-printed OOAK doll. The problem with this show is that photos do not do any of these dolls justice. The incredible amount of work and detail put into these dolls jsut don’t shine through the photographs as it does viewing them up close. If you’re in Melbourne any time for the next month, you have to come see this show! Entry is free, and the dolls will be there 24 hours a day waiting to see you.

There’s actually quite a buzz on the craft-centric australian blog world about Totem, most people seem to know about it, which is ace. Hell, quite a number of those bloggers have dolls in the show. But what I didn’t forsee is other people being inspired by it. I recieved an email from fifty-two acts about a project she has done after being contacted about Totem. It’s a series of artworks based on the way womens bodies are dismembered in photographs, inspired by the idea behind Totem and inflenced by Live Journal icons. It really is one of those pieces that stops and makes you think about how women are portrayed in the media, but also (via the LJ iconography) how people in the community choose to portray women.

I love the fact that Totem is inspiring other people to create

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