Toy Graffiti

by Sayraphim on August 23, 2008

Actually, although to crafters alone, the title of this post “Toy Graffiti” works perfectly well, in the graffiti community, ‘toy’ in an insult for a newbie who isn’t very good. So if this was a graffiti blog, the title would not be a compliment.

Welcome to Sayraphim’s wonderful world of facts.

I met one of Melbourne’s royalty of graffiti artists one day, New. I was working with him on a job. I managed to insult him by a miscommunication using the word ‘toy’ (hence why I now have the above knowledge). I looked up to see this horrified look on his face and he asked me what the hell I ment. So I restated the sentance, his face cleared and we had a chat about graffiti related terms in general and specifically how I’d managed to insult him. All of which I found fascinating but really has nothing to do with the topic of today’s post.

I want to introduce you today to The Toy Society, which is a society that is fast spreading around the world dedicated to uplifting someone’s day by leaving toys out for people to find. How beautiful is that? Imagine walking down the street and spotting this

So you go closer to have a look and inside you find this beautiful doll.

I love the look of serenity on her face and her relaxed pose. How happy would that make you?

It sort of reminds me of a take home version of knitta please.

I love finding things on the street. I blame it on reading Pollyanna when I was young, especially the passage where she explains her preferred hobby of “turnup stuffer” which, when pressed for an explanation says that anything that turns up, she stuffs into her pocket. My sister and I spent years after that scanning the ground everywhere we went for things to pocket. I still do it. Yesterday I found $9 in 1 and 2 dollar coins outside an empty cafe, and I constantly find discarded jewelery, necklaces, broken dangly earrings, broken bracelets, I pick them all up, figuring somewhere, someday I’ll find a use for them. I’m going to end up a mad old woman in a house filled from floor to ceiling with boxes of craft supplies.

But back to the Toy Society. I don’t know how they accept people into the kabal, it’s not really specific on the site, but I’d love to be a part of it. I love the thought of making someone’s day by leaving something beautiful for them to find.

That’s ace. Spreading a little anonymous joy through out the world, one toy at a time…

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