Tutorial – Surprise Piggies

by Sayraphim on December 21, 2008

And it’s time for another tutorial, working through the last of the props for This is set in the future : Surprise Piggies!

I love these guys. They were designed to be thrown through the air, which is why they look so surprised, and thus they’re just constructed of felt and stuffing, there’s nothing hard or anything that could be dangerous to people or things. The eyes are stuffed to give them an even more bulgy appearence

For each Piggy, you’ll need:
1 pink felt square (around a4 sized)
scraps of white for eyes
pink thread

Black thread

Step one: Download the Piggy pattern here and print it out A4 sized.

Step two: Cut the pattern pieces out. Fold the felt in half longways, and place the Piggy’s body along the fold (as it is in the pattern). Fit the rest of the pattern pieces as shown in the pattern, and cut out. Remember you need 2 HEADs, 2 EARs, 1 BODY (which will fold out to twice the size), 1 TAIL and 1 SNOUT

Step three: Place both HEADs together and stitch around edge, leaving a hole at the bottom to turn right side out.

Step four: Turn HEAD right side out and stuff firmly and stitch the hole closed

Step five: Fold BODY back together, and tuck the TAIL inside at one end, leaving the outter edge sticking out to allow for stitching (see photo at right). Stitch around the whole Piggy, leaving a whole at the neck to turn Piggy outside in. Ensure you stitch the TAIL firmly into the BODY.

Step six: turn BODY rightside out and stuff firmly, stitching the hole closed

Step seven: Stitch BODY to the middle of the back of the HEAD. These Piggy’s heads are designed to flop about, making the throwing of them more fun to watch 🙂 So only stitch the HEAD on at one point, but ensure to stitch firmly. These guys get put through a lot!

Step eight: Fold each EAR as shown in photo, and stitch to HEAD.

Step nine: cut two EYEs out of white felt, slightly larger than the SNOUT (you can use the SNOUT pattern as a gauge). Stitch around most of the EYE, leaving a small hole to stick stuffing in. Stuff firmly and stitch closed.

Step ten: with black thread, stitch tiny pupils in each EYE.

Step eleven: Position SNOUT on Piggy’s face, and stitch over and over with two long black stitches for snout holes.

And thus, you have your very own Surprise Piggy! They fly better in flocks, so make a couple and start chucking them around!

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