Visible Studios at Federation Square

by Sayraphim on February 26, 2013

Visible Studios is a short term, curated Artist in Residence program for the atrium in Federation Square curated by public artist and curator Sayraphim Lothian. Between 19 – 26 May, artists will be invited to move their studio inside the Atrium, creating work in full view of visitors to Federation Square.


Artists include:
Ilona Nelson, photographer
Belinda Suzette, illustrator
Sarah Brownlow, public artist
Sarah Walker, photographer
Yao Ma, public artist
and me!

Visible Studios is also proud to announce that the first annual Saturday Crafting Semi-Circle will be in attendance at Visible Studios. Crafters involved are: Jess New (embroidery), Marshall Hoxley (spinning), Bec Dove (crochet), Nicola Gunn (embroidery) and Jess Kilby (jewellery making). The Saturday Crafting Semi-Circle will be displaying their talents from 1-5 on Saturday 25th of May.

This project was created for Federation Square inspired by the Atrium and the visitors to the area. In 2008 I curated the doll exhibition Totem: Dolls with Souls in theĀ Atrium and found it an amazing space to be inside. Over the three day install period when I and my assistant were inside the gallery, moving and hanging dolls, we had a lot of interest from passersby, many of whom stopped to watch us for a length of time or wanted to chat about what we were doing. Visible Studios directly grew out of this experience.

Visible Studios at Federation Square from Sayraphim Lothian on Vimeo.

Image by Sarah Walker

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