When you have a (intended) supervisor who GETS it

by Sayraphim on May 16, 2019

So I’ve already approached someone to be my supervisor. Who else could  help shepherd this edutube phd into existence but Kelli, my first friend at Vidcon,  staunch edutube practitioner and co-admin of the ANZ Edutube Facebook group.

Kelli challenged me to start my blog back up for this journey. Until these edutube posts, I hadn’t blogged in a couple of years. In return, I challenged her to start hers back up.


So I wrote my first blog post and sent it to her. And in return, she wrote me this.

You can read the whole thing, but these are my two favourite parts

Here are three reasons why I am psyched to be along with you on this journey, as a friend, as a fellow Aussie edutube creator, and as a scholar:

  1. You have track record as both a nerd and a book author – I cannot wait to see you grow through next level, book-length nerding out, on an idea that has serious legs. You seem Ready.

  2. I love how research on this topic will contribute to the edutube community, and how it will be sensitive of Aussie/NZ/’southern’ contexts as well as humanities communicators/creators. As an Australian English teacher, it’s really cool to see you representing.

  3. I’m excited by the idea of problematising this space. Are these videos on these platforms about learning, or teaching? About PLNs/PLEs/connectivism in education? About networks or communities of practice? Affinity spaces? Can we find anything to generalise to all teaching videos streamed online, or is YouTube a distinct enough phenomenon to bind up a study? Is edutube a kind of alternative curriculum (I can’t wait to introduce you to the field of curriculum studies)?

I love all these three reasons, and honestly, I can’t wait to be introduced to curriculum studies too!


So yes, at some point you will have to define ‘edutube’, and convince me of it, but when you can do that I will listen intently, because I’m eager to hear your fully considered opinion.

And that makes the think, maybe this whole phd is to get the final word on the disagreement Kelli and I have been having since we met.

What is the definition of edutube?


Game on, my friend, GAME ON!

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