When you have the day off…

by Sayraphim on September 5, 2009

When it’s no longer raining outside,

(another prop for Everything Will Be Ok, our Fringe puppet show. More details here, from the Fringe website)

When the sun is shining and it’s the weekend, the wearing of loudly patterned clothing is required, to announce to the world that you are indeed on your day off.

Items such as the following is approprate:

This was made by Becclebee of Marjory Jane from an old 60s curtain she found in an op shop. How good is the material? It closes with a wrapping motion to the front of the skirt, which is decorated with buttons Becclebee inherited from our grandmother. It’s an awesome pattern that she copied from a skirt she bought in Nepal. I’m a big fan of the skirt and the pattern, which is why I’ve ended up with it. Becclebee and I have a continuous flowing wardrobe between us.

And once you’ve annouced to the world, all day, that you’re having the day off, what could be better than cooking yourself a delicious dinner? Because I wanted to try something new, I turned to the Handmade Help recipe book, and picked the Butter Chicken recipe from Karen Roberts (page 60 for those of you who already have the book).

The dinner turned out beautifully, and I’m really happy with it! I added in mushrooms and tofu, because I’m such a fan, but the recipe base is awesome. I’m not going to tell you how I made it however, the whole book, stuffed full of loving family recipes, will only cost you $20 from the website, and you’ll also be supporting a good cause. All profits from the book go to the victims of this years bushfires. So go buy one and then you’ll have the ability to make these wonderful family recipes for yourself.

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