Where Sayraphim dabbles with prototypes and finally finishes a rug

by Sayraphim on June 22, 2009

Usually I get an idea of what I’m going to make I’ve got it clearly in my head and I set out to make it. Days or weeks later it’s done and it’s always pretty close to what I imagined. I’m incredibly lucky in that skill, that I can produce pretty much exactly what I imagined, first time around. And I’ll get a surge of satisfaction and then turn to the next thing.

Until now.

I’m designing a show for Fringe and the director has a specific idea in mind for a toy for the show. So I hand stitched one (damn my machine still being packed up for the move) and showed it to him. He liked it, but it wasn’t quite right. So we discussed it and we changed the design and I made another one. When I showed him that, he said it was getting closer, and suggested a couple more changes. So I went back in for a third one. The third one, still handsewn, hit the mark. YAY!

There is another doll in the show, and that one was done in my traditional method, imagine, create and Done. But this idea of prototyping, I don’t think I approve. Having to go back into the design time after time is very frustrating and to be honest, I’m too damn impatient to keep doing it over.

So I learned something about me. How nice.

In other news, we went over to a freezing warehouse conversion to record all the voices for the show. Since I wasn’t needed for the recording itself, I took my crochet. Something else I learned – when going somewhere when it’s that damn cold, always take your own rug. I was toasty warm(ish) while finishing off the crochet. So it’s done now, with 3 rows of maroon around the edge to frame it. But the end, it was taking half a ball of wool per row. But it’s warm and was happily received and I’m really proud to have made it. Weird that I’m too impatient to knit clothing because it takes too long but I happily sat down to crochet a double bed sized rug.

To be complicated is to be human. I guess.

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