Workshops and Chookas

by Sayraphim on November 3, 2008

EEE! I went to the workshop today and one of the ladies had bought a doll in she made over the week.
She’s made a doll of her art teacher as a gift for her. How great is that? It’s so personalized, from the stockings to the glasses to the jewellery to the hair and hair wrap. Oh, I was so thrilled she made this! I’m so happy.

In related news, the workshops will run until the end of the year now. We’re looking at other craft to teach the ladies, machine sewn sofites seem to be the front runner at the moment.

In unrelated things, I worked at the Chookas festival at the Arts Centre for the last 5 days, encouranging children to draw on the Arts Centre walls. It was a lot of fun, but totally exhausting. Mainly I was getting them to draw circus-themed things. Check out the photo below. You can see a guy on a tightrope, a seal balancing a ball on it’s nose and a rabbit in a hat, amongst others

Here is the producer of the event (recognise the wings she’s wearing?) writing on the wall on the last day

And here are some of the Front of House staff wearing their uniform, also drawing on the wall. EVERYONE wanted a go, when else are you not only allowed but actively encouraged to draw all over the arts centre?

There were SO many awesome drawings over the 5 days, but below is my favourite, a smiley lion. I even considered getting it tattooed, I am so taken with it. But I thought better of it. But there’s just something so amazing about it.

It was an incredibly tiring week, but packed full of fun and I loved it.

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