YouTube as an educational platform in a global pandemic

by Sayraphim on March 29, 2020

So within the last week, because of the Corvid 19 shut down, there have been many changes to daily life as we know it. There has been lots of talk and figuring out about how to teach classes online as schools and universities are shut down and while I am absolutely not making light of this terrible pandemic that has made so many people sick and/or afraid and caused so many deaths, from a phd point of view it’s interesting to watch what is happening to teaching online and to youtube.

One thing that’s come out of it is The StudyTube Project. I became aware of it from this great article by Chris Stokel-Walker on The Face:

(Image from the header of the article, found here:

It’s a great article talking about how a number of youtube’s biggest ‘learning celebrities’ (IE well known youtubers who are posting about their study habits/learning tips etc) have come together to make a channel for learning. Each night at 6pm (I’m assuming UK time), one of the youtubers uploads a video on an educational topic they are passionate about/learning about. Here’s the awesome trailer for the channel:

I love that these youtubers have come together to make educational content and that they’re doing it on a new channel.

What I find interesting is that these “StudyTubers” are students themselves. While they’re making educational content on this channel, they’re not teachers, they’re students. Creating content for other students.


  • Teachers making content for their classes
  • Teachers making content for the world
  • Non-teachers (Amateur enthusasts) making educational content about a subject they are passionate about


My friend Jasmine, who runs the YouTube history edutube channel A Long Long Time Ago, replied to my above tweet with this:

Which is really useful to know. I always like hearing from people who are/were part of whichever community I’m talking about but don’t have experience in, as they have much more familiarity about them than me. Thanks so much Jasmine!

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