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by Sayraphim on December 18, 2019

***Mesg from the future! I saw another example of YouTube U on The Great British Bake Off, scroll down to see it!***

So this is fast becoming a thing I’m noticing everywhere and it’s something I’m really curious about. People referring to ‘YouTube University’ where they get their education.

This post was sparked by a moment in the latest series of Project Runway (season 18, ep2), and one of the designers, Marquise Foster, said this:

If it’s not clear from the screenshots (removed from the surrounding context of the show) Marquise is saying he didn’t go to a school to learn fashion design, he learned how to design and sew clothing from videos on YouTube.

Once I finished that ep of Project Runway, I watched an ep of The Great British Sewing Bee (season 5 ep 3) (yeah, there was a theme to the tv tonight)

Juliet is a primary teacher and she also learned her skills from YouTube. Tonight she was trying to figure out how to sew a fly in a pair of flares:

And so I posted about this blog on twitter, using the hashtag #YouTubeUniversity, which I decided to click on – I have discovered that not only is #YoutubeUniversity a hashtag but it’s got freakin MERCH too.

(Also, just noticed the date of that tweet – 2015… I’m clearly late to this party!)

And it reminded me of that street art piece I saw for the first time about a year ago, but photographed more recently than that, the bachelor degree in EVERYTHING from the University of YouTube.

I’ve been talking to people recently about my phd and how it’s interesting what people are learning from youtube, and how that affects Australian students, because they’re studying for exams using American or British videos, which are both tailored to a different curriculum than ours.

And I think that’s an interesting angle to look at, and one I haven’t really thought about before.

But this. THIS is super fascinating for reasons I haven’t figured out yet. YouTube U. I think I’m a cheerleader for it.


It’s March, 2020 and I was watching the latest season of The Great British Bake Off (s10 e8) and saw this from contestant David

Apologies for the slant, I photograph these on my phone from my tv and the angle is pretty bad on these ones!


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